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What is wholesale and how do you start one?

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Wholesale. A concept that can be strikingly different from regular retail. Wholesale refers to: Wholesale refers to: Wholesale refers to:. A wholesaler is, therefore, a person or company that facilitates the sale of products in large or bulk quantities. A wholesaler sells to various retailers and outlets. Retailers can then sell the products to consumers in their physical or e-commerce shops.

Wholesaling involves selling products in bulk, and at a lower price. Ultimately, this reduces costs and the handling time involved.

There are different types of wholesalers:. A wholesaler can be in the form of wholesale sellers, brokers, or sales and distribution. Wherever you belong, you can be a go-to wholesaler by gaining a foothold in the industry through your offering. Ecwid’s eCommerce solutions will make this possible-both for competitive advantage and guaranteed profits. We provide a solid and reliable eCommerce platform for an incredible customer experience.

Keep reading to learn more about what wholesale is, the benefits, and how to make the most of the domain.

Wholesale versus retail
Wholesale or business focuses on selling goods to institutions, companies, and governments. This is in contrast to the case in a Retail business, where shoppers and individuals are involved in selling products.

There are two possible models related to wholesaling:. First, a business may decide to buy goods in bulk from manufacturers, store them, and resell them later. In the second model, wholesale may be a situation where you:- as a business owner- produce your products and goods:, and sell to retailers, who later sell to the end user. The second model has been prominently adopted by many wholesale markets.

According to Investopedia, wholesale reflects the state of the consumer in the economy where there is significant reliance on wholesalers to supply products or goods in large quantities to retailers.

Wholesale distribution of goods
You may be wondering: how are goods distributed in wholesale? If you are a wholesaler or one planning:, then wholesale distribution is quite simple. Wholesalers buy goods from a company or distributor and sell them to a retailer and to the end user. Suppliers of wholesale goods are responsible for sourcing trending products to meet the supply of recent, up-to-date goods and products to individuals. liquidation pallets UK

When identifying a trend, wholesalers will research to get the products with the most cost efficiency, choose from a deluge of options from manufacturers and distributors, and finally, deliver the products to individuals or companies at retail;.

Why wholesale?
There are several advantages to wholesaling:. And these should be enough to convince you to delve into them.

Opportunity to save money
By buying products in bulk, you can save money through discounts given by manufacturers on large orders. This means you can get products at lower prices and sell them at higher prices. You are also one step ahead with a significant competitive advantage made possible by high volume buying and selling. This would, however, depend on your start-up capital.

Ability to build a huge network of suppliers
Wholesalers have a viable, active, and reliable network of manufacturers and suppliers. This is because you cannot afford to slack off in terms of timely delivery, offering quality products, and respecting relationships.Invariably, these seemingly trivial things will add up to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Thus, supplier relationships must be positive, and cannot be taken for granted. It must also be sustainable.

You can become an expert
By researching, selling products, and doing it again and again, you stand a chance of becoming an expert in that niche. Regardless of the products you sell, wholesaling gives you the privilege of gaining extensive knowledge of your industry and its activities. Use this knowledge to attract more people to your wholesale online shop and release information that will motivate customers to buy.

Easy expansion
By the time you have your feet in the sand of time in your industry, you automatically start connecting with other markets. In some cases, these connections may come in the form of upselling opportunities. In others, they can be cross-selling. The idea is that they can strengthen your business to ensure greater success. Meanwhile, this expansion will be effortlessly achievable, provided you have a working relationship with the companies that supply wholesale products and goods.

Starting your wholesale business
A wholesale business is an excellent option if you don’t want to endure the gruelling stress of dealing with retail sales. Here are tips to ensure real success:

Identify the market
Make sure you do due diligence and proper research to identify the ideal market to suit your products. Take the trouble to find dealers, customers, and shop owners who will buy the products from you.

While building your brand, you also need to determine the competition. This aspect is essential because wholesaling can be very competitive. Make sure you know products, their prices, and the quality of service of these companies.

Identify an appropriate office location
You also need to identify a suitable location for your business. Space can be scarce and precious in cities. And you may need to separate your office from your warehouse. Also important, find someone who can manage your inventory very well.

Identify suppliers
Another essential aspect of wholesaling is getting in touch with your manufacturers who are willing to have you as their wholesaler. Many companies want you to meet a target, so you need to think carefully before making a decision.

You can contact the manufacturer’s distributors directly if they are not willing to sell to you. In that case, there will be a way to calculate profit.

Read more about working with suppliers:

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Setting up a website
You need to set up your website if you want to be a successful wholesaler. However, this has become incredibly easy with the introduction of e-commerce solutions and IT-related tools. You can also set it up with WordPress. Hence, it will create a way to inform distributors and companies that you are ready to do business.

Also, they can contact you without any hassle. And your website will consequently attract retailers interested in your products.


Determine and confirm the manufacturer’s return policy, as well as how they plan to deal with goods returned to them due to defects or any reason. Make sure this before you go ahead and decide on your choice of manufacturer. This is because it is better to stay away from a manufacturer that is unresponsive. Otherwise, you might end up with too much inventory that you can’t sell.
Get a simple and easy-to-use inventory software that will help monitor and track your products in different warehouses. Also, this will allow you to have a correct delivery schedule to customers and, as a result, help you earn better.
If you find yourself producing your goods and products in bulk, and later selling them to retail customers (who then sell your goods to individual actual consumers), you, my friend, are in the wholesale business. And it is a very lucrative business if you know how to use it to your advantage. To maximise profits, you need to master the market, how it works, and how to thrive in it. This is where the idea of e-commerce comes in. And for all your e-commerce needs, especially at the wholesale level, we believe Ecwid is an ideal platform for guaranteed success. Happy selling!

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